Animal Shelter Persuasive Essay

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What would happen to the animals if they run out of supplies? Will they die of hunger? Or will they attack one of the volunteers that have helped them? None of the volunteers know and neither do the animals. All the animals know is if they’re hungry then they have to find a way to eat. So would it kill a single person to donate some dog food, water, or money so they do not put the animals in a spot where it is either kill or be killed?
If people do not donate food then the animals will end up becoming hungry. Hungry animals do not care if it is a person they have grown close to or not they will attack. This is why people need to donate to the animal shelter so the animals will not go hungry and try to attack a person. If they are feed then they will have no reason to attack someone who has taken care of them. They will have happy, ignorant lives and not have to worry about when their next meal is. This is one reason why people should donate to the animal shelter.
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They will just sit in their cage and go hungry until they die. This does not sound like a good thing either. Instead of killing and surviving, they decide they would rather starve themselves then hurt one of the people that have taken care of them. This just leaves them with their last thoughts being them wishing they had a meal so they could feel just a little bit stronger again. Most humans do not like to see animals suffer from anything but at the same time they do not do anything to help them. This is why donating food to your animal shelter would be a good thing. You will be helping a starving animal and giving it another chance at

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