Essay about Animal Rights Should Not Be Used For Testing

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Grace Cremeans
Miss .Beverly
April 7, 2016 Animal Rights Animals. They have a brain, a nervous system, and they communicate through sound. Sound familiar? Like a human? In reality there are only a few differences between human and animal biologically. So why do we treat them so differently. We won’t test on ourselves for risky things so why are we doing it to animals? Animals should not be used for testing because they can feel it, they are helpless, and many of animals die from it every year.
Animals should have rights. However, they are necessary for human existence to be used as food, but that’s what the creation of animals was made for. Not for testing medicine, cosmetics, and etc on. Animals should have rights just like us humans. They deserve to be treated well and not poorly. The testing usually is brutal and the testers do not care of the well-being of their animals, they just want a result to write down.
“Animals are God’s creatures and even if they do not have the same direct relationship to God that man has, they are still creatures of His will, creatures we must respect as companions in creation.” (Catholic Education Resource Center) Animals have rights, maybe not equally with humans, but they still have them. They can feel what is being done to them, they have a brain and nervous system just like we do. They can feel pain to the same degree that we can, not less just because they are smaller.
Animals are considered property because they…

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