Animal Rights Should Be Legal Essay

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There has always been an ongoing debate on the way that animals are treated. The discussion revolves around whether or not animals should have stricter laws protecting their rights. In today’s society, people feel that animals deserve the same rights as humans. I believe that animals should be protected more from the horrors of factory farms, entertainment, and testing labs. To do this animal welfare laws need to be revised so they set stricter standards that regulate how animals are treated and housed.
The Difference Between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare
Animal rights activist groups believe that there should be laws put into place to protect animal rights. Animal rights activists define the idea of animal rights should have the same rights as humans. Animals having the same rights as humans means they should be protected from is inhumane treatment, slaughter, or being raised in captivity. Animal rights activists believe that animals shouldn’t be in contact with humans what so ever. There are both good and bad that relates to animals having rights. One of the best things about animal rights is that animals would be more protected from inhumane treatment from humans. However, if humans can’t interfere with animal populations for vaccines or for hunting, then animal populations can grow too large. If a population is to large, then diseases could be passed around that kill out populations and can also be passed on to humans. Even though animals do deserve better treatment…

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