Animal Rights At The Circus World Essay

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Animal Rights
Tilikum was the first owned whale in the Sealand of the Pacific aquarium that was isolated from the other orcas in his own pool; Tilikum was taken from his natural habitat as an adult, and suddenly was forced to make a dramatic change to being in an isolated pool. Because of this dramatic change, it caused Tilikum stress, depression from being alone, and anxiety from being in an enclosed tank instead of having a free amount of miles to roam. This unfair treatment leads to Tilikum killing his trainers to let out stress and depression from being in an unnatural environment in which he grew up in (Contributors, Wikipedia. "Tilikum." Wikipedia). This is only one example of the cruelty and injustice animals face daily. Although animals do not have the voice to speak, the humans race should speak out for them against testing, captivity, and entertainment abuse.
Attention from the circus world is put on elephants because they are the largest and most intelligent animals in the circus, they are also the most abused of all the animals, animal specialist Lin Doris says, they are held in smaller captivity than other small animals (Lin, Doris). Animals in circuses get beaten, kicked, and shocked with electric probes to train them to obey and do tricks that are performed during circuses, they begin this abuse at a young age so they do not turn against their owner. At the early age of elephants, trainers often tie or chains up all four legs of the baby elephant up to 23…

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