Animal Rights Argumentative Essay

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Humans argue that animals are not capable of grasping moral concepts, such as rights. However, humans are animals that do have rights. People have fought and continue to fight to give a voice to animals. “We are a predator of predators,” said the study’s lead author, Chris Darimont, Hakai-Raincoast professor at the University of Victoria in British Columbia and science director for the Raincoast Conservation Foundation,” reported by EcoWatch “Humans: The Worst Predator on the Planet”. Animal rights need to be created to help defenseless animals have a voice against humans who use them to their advantage.
The fight towards animal rights has been around since the 1800’s, however, abuse, animal testing, hunting, and more has been around for centuries. For example, the amount of efforts given to non-human animals, the numbers in animal testing continually rises from every minute to every second. To give a close estimate, “animals tested has rose from 1, 566,994 in 1997 to 2,705,772 in 2012,” reported in a CBS News article “Animal experimentation up 73 percent, study says”.
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“Regan [American philosopher] points out that we routinely ascribe inherent value, and thus the right to be treated with respect, to humans who are not rational, including infants and the severely mentally impaired” (The Animals Voice 1). We grow up having to learn how to do everything and continue to learn different things through out our lives. People learn from the past generations what they call morally correct. However, is it morally correct to torture animals with chemicals or abuse them or to slowly kill them so people can wear their skin as fashion statement? Tom Regan, states in his book The Case for Animal Rights, “We are not only like animals, we are animals” (2). Humans have laws and we are able to defend ourselves in situations such as testing. If we humans can have laws and rights, other animals should have the same opportunity to be saved from

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