Animal Rights And Racial Statuses Essay

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Alice Walker vs. George Orwell Should two stories which feature animal rights and racial statuses have an impact towards their society? Many similarities and differences bring these two stories together. Any little thing may have an impact towards one’s life, culture, etc.In Am I Blue by Alice Walker and Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell; these are common issues the authors have to deal with. Being called a beast when an unwanted situation occurred was full of emotions. Having to refer back to slavery or experiencing racism and being considered a hero by completing an obligated act wasn’t easy. Both essays face a racial status and animal rights, but they’re different because in Orwell’s story he is seen as a hero for the actions he performs. Blue is the horse of freedom who then turns into a beast in Am I Blue, whereas, the Elephant is a beast from the beginning while destroying a small village in Shooting an Elephant. The actions they take are to be blamed by the humans that surround them. In Am I Blue, Alice Walker states, “Blue was like a crazed person. Blue was, to me, a crazed person. He galloped furiously, as if her were being ridden, around and around his five beautiful acres. He whined until he couldn’t” (Walker p.140). As a result of this, Blue lost his look of freedom and gained a look of a beast due to the anger he carried inside him. Blue suffered just like a human, even when people may not believe so. Non humans and humans are alike in many ways, with…

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