Essay on Animal Rights And Its Effects On The Environment

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The second highly controversial function hunting works to serve is to benefit the environment by balancing and enriching it. This function is not only controversial to animal rights activists because it employs methods they find deplorable (Francione, 18), but also because they contest that hunting damages the environment rather than enriching it. (Dizard, 64-65). I believe that despite it 's bad reputation, hunting in the United States serves a greater service than disservice by maintaining a much needed balance in our environment. It is true that in the past human hunting has been the primary cause for many species ' extinction and may be in part the cause of our modern skewed ecosystem, but the benefits to the environment hunting now gives us should not be cast aside because of the consequences we face now due to our ancestors ignorant mistakes. Most of America 's natural predators were heavily hunted almost to the point of extinction all the way through to the twentieth century and were still considered dangerous enough to have bounties put on them until the Endangered Species Act passed in 1973 (Mighetto, 75) in an attempt to reverse the consequences generations of over hunting and fishing had caused. These consequences caused unintentionally by the hunters of past generations are what have caused the imbalance in our modern ecosystem, not our current hunters. Without natural predators, species of prey like deer explode in population. With no natural predators to…

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