Animal Rights And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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Although, popularized in the 1960s modern day vegetarianism has taken on a life of its own in modern culture. According to a 2008 study done by “Vegetarian Times”, 7.3 million Americans have been vegetarians and 22.8 million Americans currently follow a vegetarian diet. Why are so many people becoming vegetarians in a time and era when it has never been easier or cheaper to eat meat? Major reasons cited for this dramatic diet switch are typically to improve: animal welfare, overall physical health, and to leave less of an ecological impact on the environment. This essay will explore the arguments both for and against this popular shift in diet.
Animal rights is a term popularized in the 1970’s and refers to equal moral status for all creatures. Some activists have called this movement a shift against speciesism or the systematic exploitation of one species by another. Under this frame of thought, any nonhuman animal is undeserving of any treatment that would be cruel or inhumane to do to a human. Not all vegetarians believe in animal rights but the many would say they believe in animal welfare. While the animal rights movement is centered on giving animals the similar right to humans animals welfare is more concerned with meeting nonhuman animals basic needs for comfort. The animal welfare movement is more concerned with how the animal is treated and making sure all their physical and mental needs are met. A big concern for many vegetarians is the treatment of animals…

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