Animal Rights And Human Rights Essay

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Pro Animal Rights
In the midst of the 21st century, the world stands in an age of new enlightenment and realization as it is presented with new problems within itself today. Surprisingly the world is still not on the same page when it comes to equal and fair treatment of all living things. Animals and humans have lived together for millions of years and yet they are not living together in harmony. Through the realization of animal entitlements, animal testing restrictions, and tougher law punishments; animals can receive the inalienable rights they deserve.
Before any assumptions can be made about whether or not animals deserve rights, studies regarding animal behavior and relationships need to be analyzed. Often, people put animals in a separate category than humans since they lack certain qualities people do. They might say something along the lines of, because animals do not look and speak like humans, then they cannot retain emotions as humans do. These thoughts could not be more wrong. In 1971, a scientific experiment was created to see if gorillas could learn how to sign language. This experiment could be known globally as “Project Koko.” A 280 pound, black Gorilla called Hanabi-Ko, nicknamed KoKo, has exceeded the expectations of the elaborate project by learning more than 1,000 signs and understand approximately 2,000 verbal words spoken to her (“ Because of this extraordinary progress, animals have been proven to possess more anthropomorphic qualities…

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