Animal Rights And Factory Farming Essay

1180 Words Oct 26th, 2014 5 Pages
Nicole Vecchio
POSC 199-02
26 October, 2014
Animal Rights and Factory Farming in California

There are social norms prevalent in modern society that frequently go unquestioned because they are either so fundamentally logical that they just make sense, or because people choose to ignore them, as it is an easier solution than trying to fix them. For example, running all of your daily errands in the nude is, unquestioningly, taboo. Unfortunately, the flawed, unsanitary, and violent practice of factory farming is one of the latter, which has made itself prominent due to a general lack of opposition. Phasing out factory farming in California will improve the quality of meat products available, protect the environment, provide more jobs for farmers, create safer working conditions, and most importantly, protect the rights of farmed animals.
Transitioning from large-scale factory farming to more natural methods of free range farming will produce a healthier meat product, and will also halt the adverse effects that factory farming negligence has on the environment. Because the practice of factory farming has, over time, mutated animal husbandry into big business, the market of animal products has reached a point at which “production begins to override maintenance” (Zuzworsky, 2001). According to the CDC, contaminated food kills around 5,000 Americans annually, and causes illness in another 76 million (Hosansky, 2002). In order to avoid even higher statistics of illness…

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