Animal Rights And Animal Welfare Essay

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Animal Rights and Animal Welfare: Is There a Difference?
Do you know the difference between animal rights and animal welfare? The use of animals is a commonly debated topic with many people having different opinions on when it is appropriate to use animals. When people talk about animal rights and animal welfare, the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably; however, these two terms and their advocates do not always support the same causes. Animal rights and animal welfare advocates have different opinions on topics such as the use of animals for scientific research, the use of animals for entertainment, and if people should keep animals as pets.
What exactly are animal rights? When you hear the word animal you most likely never think whoever said it is talking about humans but, “scientifically humans are ‘animals’ in every sense of the word” (Waldau 1). This is why animal rights advocates believe that animals should have the same basic rights as humans. Animal rights advocates believe that not only should animals such as cats and dogs should have rights, but also pigs, cows, and chickens. Animal rights supporters believe all animals deserve these rights as they believe that all animals have the ability to suffer and be in pain. The view of animals rights is “that human utilization of nonhuman animals, whether in the laboratory, on the farm, or in the wild, is wrong in principle and should be abolished in practice” (Bekoff 42). Animal rights had initially become an…

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