Essay on Animal Research : Animals Or Humans?

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Animals or Humans?
Animal Testing, animal experimentation, and animal research are all considered the same thing. It refers to the experimentation carried out on animals whether it is conducted in universities, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies or farms. It is used to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of medication and household products to cosmetics and pesticides, as well as find out exactly how the human body moves and functions. Millions of innocent animals are investigated or killed, in laboratories every year across the world, for scientific research. A variety of animals are used for animal testing: Mice, frogs, fish, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, monkeys, and birds are just a few that have been used in laboratories for chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics testing. Animal researchers in favor of animal experimentation believe it’s better to take the life of an animal rather than risk a human life. They think it’s necessary to kill innocent animals to save humans. Is it really necessary to subject animals to torturous conditions and use them for painful experiments, all for science? Is it ethical to destroy an innocent animal’s life just to do a simple test on lipstick or shampoo? Animal testing should be abolished because it is inhumane and unethical to destroy the life of an innocent animal. Animals are put in laboratories to gain research way too frequently. It is a form of animal cruelty and needs stopped.
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