Animal Protection Laws Should Be Straightened Essay

1441 Words Mar 8th, 2015 6 Pages
Animal Protection laws In Kentucky, there are animal protection laws that need to be straightened. They are ranked number one worst state, nationwide for two categories: passive cruelty and active cruelty. In Kentucky there is a disagreement on doing anything about it, because the people believe there are more important categories to worry about. But, the disagreement is getting so much attention people from outside the state are coming and taking a stand for the ones that don’t have a voice. For people that do not know the two categories: passive cruelty and active cruelty. The first involves acts of omission, meaning the abuse happens as a result of neglect or lack of action. Passive cruelty might seem less serious, but that is not the case. It can lead to terrible pain and suffering, and ultimately death. Examples include starvation, dehydration, untreated parasite infestations, inadequate shelter in extreme weather conditions, and the failure to get medical care. Passive cruelty is sometimes due to the owner 's ignorance; so many animal control officers will first try to educate neglectful owners on how to properly care for animals before giving them a citation or placing them under arrest. Active cruelty, on the other hand, is better known and disturbing. Sometimes referred to as non-accidental injury, this type of abuse involves purposefully inflicting harm on an animal in order to feel more powerful or gain control. Active cruelty against animals should be taken…

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