Essay on Animal Protection And Anti Cruelty Laws

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Animal testing has been around for many years and has lead to animal abuse every step of the way in American history. Many people have been for it and against this topic. An activist group started protesting in europe during the 1800s against animal testing. This movement helped the U.S. get involved and form animal protection and anti cruelty laws. A specific organization that has helped over the years and still exists today is called PETA. This international, non profitable charitable, organization works to fight for animals and have the voices of heard of those who cannot speak for themselves. They promoted healthy vegan diets and shopping cruelty free by informing people with alternatives to meat. PETA’s driving force to success was by protesting loudly and publicly against cruelty to animals by exposing what went on behind animal laboratories. Through non violence moments and peaceful protests PETA has been effective for over 3 decades by successfully freeing animals that have been in harm.
Animal cruelty has been a controversial issue in America. Many people believe that people experimenting on animals do not care for them in ways they would care for humans. The beliefs of animal rights is still controversial. One of the cofounders of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk, saw the horrifying life styles of animals.One of the main reasons PETA started a rebellion was because many citizens were wearing fur, and leather clothes without taking a second thought of where it was coming…

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