Animal Products From Eating Meat, Like Veganism And Vegetarianism

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Many of us go day to day eating foods without completely realizing where it’s coming from. We do not consider what are foods actually looked like before they were presented to us on our plates. The majority of people would not be able to personally kill an animal to get the meat they provide to us for the fact that they themselves would be taking an organism’s life. Even when individuals are going out to the grocery store, many get skirmish when seeing the jars of pigs feet or the fish that is still have their eyeballs. When first telling children that the meat they are eating came from those sweet farm animals they see in books, they often are shocked that poor Wilbur is on their plate. Some get so upset by that fact that getting them to eat meat again is a struggle. However, there are alternative options that one can choose to lessen the guilt those get from eating meat, like veganism and vegetarianism.
Veganism, unlike the different types of vegetarianism, exclude all animal products from the diet. Some switch to veganism not only for health reasons, but also for ethical reasons also. However, is has been debated whether or not it is as healthy as it seems. Since animal products contain vitamins and mineral that plant based foods don’t, people who participate in the vegan diet have a lack of those vitamins and minerals. In the past, it was thought that a high intake of vegetable oils caused heart failure and colon cancer.1Since veganism was not common back then, there…

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