Animal Products And Its Effects On Humans Essay

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When you eat meat or other animal products such as eggs do you think about how safe they are? There are farms called factory farms that raise a large number of animals for livestock. In order to do this they use small cages put extremely close together in order to be capable of feeding the massive number of people that we have in this country. As a large number of people eat meat or other products, supporters of factory farms must realize that the small cages can raise the number of animals getting sick and that the amount of medicine given to them is making the bacteria resistant which in turn can have negative health effects on humans. One factor spreading disease is the small cages that animals from factory farms are kept in. In the past when populations of people had to live together in small area disease spread quickly. the same happens with animals. One of the illnesses and how they can be spread are “...Bacterial infections can be spread by the airborne route in farm animals…” (O’Brien). The small area contributes to the spread of infections, “Animals are so crowded together that the floor is scarcely visible, it can [be] seen to be covered with excrement, and the atmosphere is full of dust, and scarcely any sunlight” (O’Brien). The area that these animals are kept in are sometimes improperly built that there are more negative factors that also affects their health, “For example, poor ventilation in poultry houses can cause high concentrations of ammonia to develop…

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