Essay on Animal Or Human Lives?

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Animal or Human Lives? Animals are taken from their natural habitat and conveyed to a laboratory, an entirely new world to them. Experimented and enslaved in a cage on a daily basis and they can’t do anything about it. People believe that just because they are animals they do not have sentiments, but on the contrary animals are just like humans. Not in the physical aspect, but indeed are similar in the mental aspect. It is not fair for animals to be treated harshly when they have done nothing wrong. Humans take away their rights to live freely in their habitat, allowing them to contribute to their ecosystem. Science has advanced abundantly, scientist should not be required to perform experiments on animals there are other resources that can be used to conduct experiments on and experiments are cruel and causes suffer in animals.
Scientists use animal experimentation or vivisection to develop medicine or treatments to cure human diseases such as Alzheimer 's, cancer, and AIDS among many others and to increase the knowledge of the human anatomy. Vivisection is a method of learning that allows scientists to observe the bodily structure of a living animal. It has been used throughout the years by famous scientist such as Aristotle and Galen to grasp knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and pharmacology. Experiments such as drug testing, surgical procedures, and breeding are usually performed in medical schools or universities, and pharmaceutical companies. Chimpanzees…

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