Animal Complaint Report Sample

On 6-16-2016 I Pltm. Butram responded to 6184 Maxwell Dr. for an animal complaint.

Upon arrival I spoke with Mathew Poupe. I advised Mathew I was there for an animal complaint. Mathew stated he just returned home about fifteen minutes before I arrived. I asked Mathew if he was outside hitting his dog, Mathew stated “no”. I advised Mathew I am going to speak with the caller Kim Vess and have her verify if it was him she saw.

Sgt. Barson and I spoke with Kim at 1694 Stonehaven Dr. I asked Kim if she was sure of the address she gave dispatch, Kim stated “yes’. I asked Kim if she could describe the male. Kim stated the male was a “good size guy, but she was concentrating more on the dog”. Kim stated the dog was a medium size dog black and
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As I was speaking with Kevin, Sgt. Barson drove by the residence again and Kim stated that Kevin was the male she saw kicking and yelling at the dog. I advised Kevin I was there for an animal complaint. There were three dogs visible at Kevin’s residence. I advised Kavin a caller drove by and witness him striking a black and white dog. I asked Kevin if he owns a black and white dog, Kevin stated “yes I do she is in the house”. I asked Kevin if he had struck the dog today, Kevin stated “never I love my dog”. Loretta stated he may have because she was bad. Kevin stated “I may have hit her on the ass, but I never kicked my dog I love my dog”. Kevin stated I need be careful I don’t want her to attack another dog. Kevin stated he hit the dog as a discipline, because she keeps jumping over the back yard fence. I asked Kevin if he recalls a car stopping and yelling at him for hitting the dog, Kevin stated “no I do not”. Loretta stated Kevin is training the dog, and does hit the dog as a discipline. Loretta stated she has been here the whole time and did not see Kevin hit the dog today. I advised Loretta I saw her pull into the driveway as I was leaving 6184 Maxwell Dr. Loretta stated “oh ya I left for about fifteen minutes because it stopped raining”. Loretta stated she drives the ice cream

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