Animal Liberation By Peter Singer Essay

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Singer is right to claim that human suffering and animal suffering should be given equal consideration. (16)

In his writing, Animal Liberation, Peter Singer maintains that we ought to give equal consideration to the lives of non-human animals as we do to the lives of humans. He is saying that all animals, either human or non-human are all equal. One of the arguments that Singer says is asking why equality is a moral idea and not a declaration of fact. He does this by working through the problems of assertions made in justifications of racism, sexism and equality of all humans. He gives us his explanations by going through the reasons as to why racism and sexism are wrong. Since all humans are different like our race, sex, shape and size, if our demands for equality were based on all of those, then there wouldn’t be equality at all and that we would have to stop demanding for equality.

Singer’s next argument deals with the problem of suffering. His objective was to demonstrate that rights are founded in the capacity for suffering. He goes through explanations of why the differences between healthy and disabled humans can be more widespread than healthy humans and certain non-human animals. Singer claims that the capability of animals to feel pain and pleasure puts them on the same level of moral equality with us. It doesn’t matter whether animals can do complex thinking like solving a math equation because they, like us, is able to feel pain, and we…

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