Essay on Animal Intelligence

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Animal Intelligence

Animals are smarter than people think they are. As animal studies keep on increasing, we find out that some animals are close to our level of thinking. Animals such as chimps, parrots, elephants, dolphins and monkeys have been studied and proved to us that they too have a good level of intelligence. Self recognition, social skills, language skills and the use of tools are all signs that scientist use to prove that these animals have a good capacity of smarts in their brain.
Many people may think that only humans have the ability to recognize themselves or to be recognized. But the study of two animals has turned that statement to something new. In one study, an elephant was looking at its own appearance and saw
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When the temperature was being checked, it changed the exact same way it would for a human. (DeSeve) Grief and mourning is another type of social skill, which deals with emotions. Joyce Poole, an expert on elephants, believes that elephants know what life is, so when someone dies they grieve for that elephant. When an elephant dies in a certain area, the fellow components of that elephants stop for a moment to remember and show respect to the elephant they have lost. Remembrance of a lost in a herd has to deal with memory in the brain, which also is another kind of intelligence. (Braden) A study done on African baboons gave remarkable studies that show humans and baboons are similar. Baboons try to intimidate those lower than them in class to get a feel of dominance, and they also get miserable with social stress. (PBS)

To have a certain type of language skill to communicate ideas takes intelligence. A psychology professor, Mark Bowdamer taught chimps the American Sign Language, and when observing them, he states that they talk about everyday things. Like what they need, where they are going and what they are going to do. (Willett) Irene Pepperberg, a psychologist, taught to two parrots by the name Alex and Griffin how to speak English. These birds know how to identify things and classify objects with words. By knowing how to understand and specify the difference of many things, Alex and Griffin have great intelligence. (Caldwell) The

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