Animal Inbreeding And Selective Breeding Essay

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Introduction The purpose of my research paper was to define and expand on what animal inbreeding and selective breeding is in the Herpetology world. I have provided definitions of both along with the pros and cons as well. Once done, I hope you will have a clear understanding of the uniqueness of each along with the positive and negative aspects of both topics. Both topics are allowed to be very objective, subjective, or opinionated; however, in the end, inbreeding and selective breeding becomes a personal choice. Inbreeding, in a nut shell, is breeding a pair of animals that are closely related. Inbreeding does have an obvious genetic consequence. In general, by breeding animals that are in the same family it reduces the numbers of genes available within the collection or population. It is thought that if the animal’s traits are successful after breeding, then it’s considered a good concentration of genes (alleles), and if not, then it is considered negative. The problem of inbreeding over time means that the offspring becomes more and more alike in genetic similarity, which makes the fitness of the offspring adversely affected. The definition of Fitness means the ability of an animal to survive and reproduce, sharing its genetic material to future generations. The fitness step up is generally achieved through the up keep of genetic diversity, rather than uniformity, throughout the collection as a whole. Consequences of inbreeding…

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