Old Major's Speech Analysis

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Old Major’s speech was a huge excitement. My siblings and I scurried across the barn trying to find a place to sit. We took a place next to Clover. Our mother had died and Clover was our only mother-figure on the farm. She put her leg around us so we wouldn’t be stepped on and we fell asleep shortly after. We weren’t asleep for long when we woke up by the sound of Old Major’s booming voice. He talked about a dream he had where man had vanished and animals ruled the land. After his speech we broke into an outburst of Beasts of England and was quickly silenced with the sound of Mr.Jones firing his gun. Frightened, we quickly ran to our stalls and went to bed. I couldn’t sleep over the sound of Old Major’s speech replaying in my head. I went up to Old Major’s stall. What are you doing up at this hour? Said Old Major. I was still confused about his speech. What will we do when …show more content…
Left and right bullets flew. A sheep was down. Snowball was grazed by one of the bullets. Billy why don’t you come take safety with us? Said one of my siblings. I wanted to help so that’s what I did. I went up to one of the men and pecked at his feet. He shrieked in pain and ran off. A couple minutes later the men ran off the farm with fear in their eyes. We had won the battle. We gave the sheep who had been killed a small funeral and Snowball gave a small speech.
The day of Snowball’s expulsion shocked us all. We didn’t see it coming. Back and forth Napoleon and Snowball argued when all of a sudden Napoleon’s dog army jumped out and chased Snowball away. We were all in shock. We hadn’t seen the puppies in forever and they had turned into vicious monsters. After the expulsion I went to see if I could find Snowball. I found him hiding in the woods near the farm. He told me he was going to escape Napoleon and go somewhere where he would be safe and free. He told me that I should come too before things on the farm started to get bad. I should’ve

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