Animal Farm By George Orwell Essays

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George Orwell the author of Animal Farm, included very important aspects in the story that made an impact. After reading the story the reader can analyze certain characteristics that are included by the author, but in this case one of the characteristics is the corruption of power of whom possess it. This is significant because the story is based off this specific aspect that makes the difference in the story and sets the overall plot. Power corrupts those who posses it and this is the main characteristic about Animal Farm and as the reader analyzes this characteristic of the book, the story becomes clear, but also the point George Orwell intended on the reader.

Power is something that nations, people, families, and industries fight for. The world is full of power but is this power a blessing to have or just something that will destroy instead of build and grow? In Animal Farm we see that the animals are in a disagreement with their owner and them. They feel Jones is not doing his job correctly; the animals feel they are being taken advantage of. Not only that but they feel Jones is too powerful, and this is because they see how he is irresponsible with his duties, but requires the animals to do their part while Jones does not. “Mr. Jones, of the Manor Farm, had locked the hen-houses for the night, but was too drunk to remember to shut the pop-holes. With the ring of light from his lantern dancing from side to side, he lurched across the yard, kicked off his boots at the…

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