Animal Farm By George Orwell Essay

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Animal Farm Animal Farm was written succeeding World War II during August in England in 1945. George Orwell wrote the book during the war to bring to light the solemnity of the problems caused by a Stalinism and totalitarian government. This also ties into the Russian Revolution of 1917 which portrays the revolution resulting in a type of government like a totalitarianism one. Many of his characters portray the Russian Revolution. The Manor Farm is a small representation of Russia while Old Major, Snowball, and Napoleon, which are the important characters in this novel, stage the dominant figures of the revolution. “All these changes the pigs made according to their whim, to suit their fancy, and to gain more power and control over the animals. And the animals believed whatever the pigs told them” (Williams). Napoleon is a fierce-looking pig, and unlike Snowball, prizes more power over ideas, symbolizing Stalin. He is cowardly, slick, and selfish. He cares more about his own powers rather than the revolution against Mr. Jones, which leads him to build a totalitarian government based on harmful lies and fears of the other animals. Snowball, on the other hand, is a more lively, original, and intelligent pig. Comparing him with Napoleon, Snowball is less harmful in the ways of power, valuing the powers of revolution more than the powers he has. Old Major was considered the father of ‘Animalism’. He symbolizes Karl Marx, but in some ways, Orwell made him symbolize…

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