Essay about Animal Farm By George Orwell

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The novel Animal Farm by George Orwell, should be read in every classroom. It is an allegory that has many great lessons that are learned and acquired from reading it. In this allegory it shows the process by which Stalin took control during the Russian Revolution through the portrayal of animals. Orwell had everything from “Napoleon” the pig as Stalin, all the way down to the sheep being the common people, and even Stalin’s KGB as Napoleon’s dogs. Throughout this novel, Orwell shows how Stalin kicked Lenin out of Russia and then shows how he was corrupt with the power that he had obtained. It displays how he took advantage of all of the people due to their lack of education and how they could effortlessly be persuaded. These themes show that the younger generations need to be careful and be aware of what is going on around them.
In Orwell’s novel, he shows how language can be used as a utensil of propaganda. Throughout the entire novel, “Squealer” the pig (used as the minister of propaganda) was able to speak his words so well that he could fluently change the animals minds. Orwell is trying to show to the young people that they need to be careful. In his novel he gives many examples of how this can happen. Frequently, the news and other information acquired by the public is biased or twisted in some way. The news and press blow things out of proportion so that they can make the story more appealing to the people. They also do this to bring more attention to something that,…

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