Animal Farm, By George Orwell Essay

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On October 12th, the animals of Animal Farm, previously named Manor Farm, once again drove Mr. Jones out of his own farm. The news of the animals first rebellion, where Mr. Jones, his wife, and his men were all driven and kept out of his farm, started to spread to animals who live on nearby farms. Mr. Pilkington of the neighboring Foxwood Farm and Mr. Frederick of adjoining Pinchfield Farm were afraid of their animals taking over their farms. This fear led the two farmers to spread rumors about how dysfunctional Animal Farm is. Some of the animals on these neighboring farms started to act out of character by not following all of the rules. When these rumors proved to be false once and for all, Mr. Jones, his men, and half a dozen of Mr. Pilkington’s and Mr. Frederick’s men charged onto Animal Farm, raging with fury. With guns and sticks in hand, these men were prepared for a brawl. Little did the men know that the pigeons had already alerted the animals on Animal Farm that the enraged men were on their way up the cart-track in order to recapture the farm.
General Snowball, who has studied books on defensive operations, created and prepared a plan with his fellow comrades in case of an invasion. All of the animals took their assigned places. As the men approached the farm, Snowball called for thirty-five pigeons to poo on the men from up in the air, while the geese, who had been hiding behind the hedges, rushed out and viciously pecked at their calves. The men easily shook…

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