Animal Farm By George Orwell Essay example

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The two set texts that we’ve studied during the term, Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, and Divergent, Directed by Neil Norman Burger, both show through different ways, a society that wishes and strives to be equal. This essay will focus on to what extent an equal society can be created when comparing the above quote to both Animal Farm and Divergent. During my writing, I will look at the fact that both societies displayed in both texts tend to have a leader from the very start, and also look at how each displayed society has been affected by disagreement and the violence caused by that disagreement.
The fact that a society won’t know what to do unless a leader appears to tell them will quickly eliminate an equal society from being possible. A society which is really fully equal would mean that there are no leaders and everyone is free to do as they please, and are given equal objects and such. In Animal Farm by George Orwell, we see that the animals already held a great sense of respect for Old Major, and seemed to look up to him as a leader of sorts “…[Old Major] was so highly regarded on the farm that everyone was quite ready to lose an hour’s sleep in order to hear what he had to say.” The quote clearly shows through third person narration, the character of Old Major and how he is regarded as very knowledgeable and therefore worth the animals time. Because of this, the animals seem to hang on to every word the pig had to say. Old Major may not be the self-appointed…

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