Animal Farm By George Orwell Essay example

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The book Animal Farm that was published in 1945 and was written by George Orwell in England. Animal farm takes place in England but it represents every revolution that takes place. Animal Farm is a book mostly used for education but is also a highly read book. It relates to any revolution, but oftenly used to help describe the Russian Revolution, Nazi Germany and the French Revolution. There are many characters in Animal Farm but the most important would have to be Napoleon, Snowball, Old Major and Mr. Jones. Napoleon is the leader of Animal Farm after the revolution. Napoleon along with the other pigs has total control over the farm. Napoleon becomes a dictator along with his nine attack dogs. Snowball is the pig that fights Napoleon for power of Animal Farm. Napoleon wins and snowball is kicked off the farm. Old Major the old prize winning boar who starts the idea of a revolution. He teaches the beast of england song before he dies. The song talks about how animals do not need humans. Mr. Jones is the drunk farmer who runs manor farm before the animals stage the rebellion and overthrow him. Some of the other characters include Boxer, Squealer, Clover, Moshe 's, Mollie, Benjamin and Muriel. Boxer is the hard working cart pushing horse that increases strength and dedication to the farm. Squealer is Napoleon 's side kick who spreads the views of the pigs and the seven commandments. Clover is a horse that often thinks the seven commandments are being broken but can never…

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