Animal Farm By George Orwell Essay

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In the novel Animal Farm, the author used animal’s story to reflect the totalitarianism in the Soviet Union through the character Napoleon, who started as a dreamer who wanted to build a perfect society, but he became a dictator who holds too much power later. The author George Orwell was born on 25 June 1903 in England, George Orwell is his pen name; his real name is Eric Arthur Blair. He wrote many famous works during his lifetime; for example, Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm. Sadly, he passed away when he was only 46. In his work Animal Farm, he describes a story that because animals on a farm were tired of being controlled by the human, They started a rebellion and kicked the human out. After that, two pigs, Napoleon, and Snowball came to power, but Napoleon violently kicked Snowball out because of his lust for absolute power. Many bad consequences started to appear when he became the only ruler. George Orwell wrote this novel to criticize the corruption of the Soviet Union when Stalin held power and Stalin’s brainwash to his naive followers. This type of political system still exists today in North Korea under the ruling of dictator Kim Jong-Un. In the novel Animal Farm, George Orwell criticizes the dictator in the USSR for ruled the country violently and manipulated the naive followers; just like today’s North Korea where the dictator execute people for power and want to become the only God of his people. In the novel, Animal Farm, when Napoleon holds all the…

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