Animal Farm And 1984 By George Orwell Essay

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Animal Farm and 1984 Boar, Horse, Donkey, Winston Smith, Julia and O’ Brien, are you hooked? Want to read the rest of the essay? Animal Farm and 1984 are two of the best novels of George Orwell. In both Animal Farm and 1984, the authority is not to be questioned; those who dare to are punished and considered as traitors. In this comparison essay both Animal Farm and 1984 have corruption of power and political as its background. These similarities divided into three group’s character development, plot and conflict. Character development, the characters in Animal farm is based up the Russian revolution. For example, the major characters in Animal Farm represent the dominant figures of the Russian revolution; like Old major an aging boar as a democratic socialist refers to Karl Marx the German political economist, Snowball a young boar refers to Leon Trotsky, and Napoleon a young boar refers to Joseph Stalin. In addition, the novel develops soviet communism in the form of an animal fable; Animal Farm symbolically represent the rise of the power of Joseph Stalin, who interprets in the form of a young boar known as Napoleon in the novel Animal Farm. Similarly, in the novel 1984, Orwell portrays the dangers of totalitarianism throughout the novel. The character Big Brother symbolizes the ruling party; the name Big Brother suggests ability to protect, but he also an open threat. At the same time, Winston Smith a major character, his name has two personalities, the name…

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