Animal Exploitation Is The Real Offender Essay

1329 Words Oct 29th, 2015 6 Pages
We live on a beautiful and life giving planet that we don’t want to see being destroyed but still it seems that we carry out extreme and illogical activities that counter that presumption. Humans by nature are selfish and although that is something we cannot change anytime soon, there needs to be some sort of education for people to understand their actions that they play on the environment. We only have one planet and we should take care of it. The incredible devastation that animal agriculture is causing to our planet is alarming and not enough is being done about it. The E.P.A. recommends that individuals reduce their dependence of energy come from fossil fuels but new studies are now showing that the fact is that our incredibly immense practice of animal exploitation is the real offender here.

It is my position that The E.P.A. should develop educational programs to educate the general public about the immensity of the environmental threats of animal agriculture because greenhouse gas emissions caused by animal agriculture because it is a massive and under-recognized problem of which its repercussions are far more devastating than the burning of fossil fuels. In addition to that, there need to be new rules and regulations set to cut back on the animal agriculture industry for the sake of the environment. This is a big problem, but we cannot rely solely on the public to initiate change for a number of reasons. A few being that some people are climate change deniers,…

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