Animal Experimentation Should Be Used For Medical Research Essay

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Animal experimentation should be used to advance our medical research and medicine. In our society today we cannot stop the use of animal experimentation; our technology isn’t that advanced. In this paper you will see for example, how nonhuman primates is vital to science, experiments on dogs have led to medical breakthroughs, and that it is not possible to replace animals in Medical research.

Nonhuman Primates is essential in the advance of science. In the article “Experimenting on Nonhuman Primates Is Vital to Science” states, “The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Regional Primate Research Centers (RPRCs) are a unique network of nonhuman primates research laboratories established as a scientific resource of regional and national importance to the advancement of biomedical and behavioral research.” The NIH and the RPRC provide for the development and the study of nonhuman primate models that vital for that basic and clinical research on human health and disease related process. Ed. Helen Cothran gave many advantages of using nonhuman primate’s models in our research. Primates are genetically and physiologically more similar to humans than other animals. Only humans and nonhuman primates are susceptible to many of the human population of their infectious diseases. Primates closely resemble humans than other animals. Primates have naturally occurring atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, and hypertension making them ideal models for chronic diseases. Primates can be…

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