Animal Experimentation And Its Effects On The World Essay

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Although animal experimentation has provided many benefits, there are alternatives to test toxic substances that may eliminate the cruel use of animals in research. The United States, along with many other countries, have turned to the use of animals in research labs to test human products for hazardous substances. According to the Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, the United States uses about 12 million animals every year making it the biggest conductor of animal experimentation in the world. Scientists and many companies believe that testing their products on animals save humans from being harmed if the product is toxic. However, no matter what the benefits of animal experimentation are, the tests conducted on the animals are cruel. The animals kept in laboratories for experimentation go through mistreatment and incredible pain for human gain (Bishop and Nolen 92). Animal experimentation began centuries ago around the 1700’s in ancient Rome where many artists and scholars became curious over the human body. Technology was not as advanced as it is today so the alternatives that are present now were not present then. They believed that using the human body as an experiment was wrong and that humans have dominion over the animals. In addition, they also believed that animals were not capable of feeling any emotion or pain so it justified the reason why they began to experiment on them.
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