Animal Experimentation And Animal Testing Essay

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Animal experimentation dates to about 500 B.C. and has been an ongoing controversy since the idea has been thought of. There are many people who agree with the idea of animal testing, people who strongly disagree with animal testing, and people who are unaware of the problem and have no personal opinion about the issue. There are many ideas promoting both sides, and both sides having valid reasons supporting their ideas. Animal testing is something everybody should be worrying about, because whether someone realizes the problem it still affects the general public and the animal population around us. Animal experimentation is a very controversial topic and everybody should be informed about the idea and where they stand. Animals are tested on every day for the use of medicine and drugs. An estimated 26 million animals, in the U.S. alone, are tested on every year for scientific and commercial use. While there are a quite a few positives to animal testing there are also a multitude of negatives. Animal activists have been very head strong towards this issue recently. In 2006 an activist threw a “Molotov Cocktail” outside of one scientist 's home (Michael Conn, 2008). One year later another animal activist placed a lighted incendiary device next to a car of an animal scientist, and in 2008 a “fire bomb” was detonated in a pharmaceutical doctor’s home because he was known for testing on animals (2008). Animal activists do not take this issue easily, in fact they probably take…

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