Animal Cruelty Should Not Be Provided Rights Essay examples

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Ethics is defined as Rules of behavior based on ideas about what is morally good and bad. I believe it is unethical for humans to cause pain to animals unless strictly for consumption or vital purposes. I believe it is morally right for animals to have a certain level of protection against animal cruelty. People argue that animals do not have the autonomy that human beings have and there for should not be provided rights. Such people believe that animals were only placed on Earth strictly for human use, that they cannot be rational or experience emotions, and lack autonomy. However these statements are proven untrue. In fact animals, particularly primates, have extraordinary mental capabilities. For example, apes have most, if not all, emotions that we do. Apes are self-conscious, they use insight to solve problems, understand cause and effect, act intentionally, makes comparisons, count, teach, emphasize and much more. If human babies who do not act autonomously are born with rights then why are animals not? According to statistics collected by the Department of Agriculture, in the United States, many millions of animals are killed, sometimes painfully every year. Examples of such deaths and inhuman treatments include: animals used in biomedical research, animals raised in factories so jam-packed that they 're unable to merely turn around then killed for food, animals killed by hunters, as well as animals exploited in rodeos, circuses, and zoos. Known limitations…

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