Animal Cruelty Should Not Be Banned Essay

1723 Words Nov 28th, 2016 7 Pages
Every second grader has gone to the zoo to see lions and tigers in their cages and learned about what they eat and a few interesting facts about the animals. What the second graders do not think about is how the animals got to the zoo and what a day in the life of a zoo animal really consists of. No American could ever imagine living in solitary confinement in any situation other than being punished for a crime in jail, so what makes that different for animals? They did not commit crimes, they did not do anything to deserve to be sent away to public zoos and aquariums to be punished. Animals are voiceless, they have no way to defend themselves and stand up for their rights. Most Americans do not see animals as creature that deserve rights, but who are they to decide if a living, breathing, animal has rights? It is time humans take a stand for the innocents lives of animals and end this form of animal cruelty that gets swept under the rug on an everyday basis. Animals are sent to zoos and used for entertainment, being taken out of their natural habitats for a the benefit of human beings. Zoos all across America have hundreds of animals kept in captivity that will never know what it is like to live freely in the wild as they were made to do when they were created. Animals are not meant to live in confined areas yet that is exactly what zoos are doing. Animals are used in common places, for example SeaWorld. SeaWorld uses animals for shows and any extra dime they can…

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