Animal Cruelty Should Be Punished For Their Own Actions Essay

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Animal cruelty consists of beating and/or killing of animals. Animals are abandoned everyday making them suffer with abandonment issues such as not eating, sleeping, and loss of weight. Starving of animals is a big one too people say ‘I don’t have enough time to feed them I have a life to live’ yeah well they have a life to and they may be able to do things themselves but sometimes everyone needs a little help at times.
Animals are victims of animal abuse very day and no one seems to care. Class A misdemeanors in most states are highly classified in misdemeanor charges. “Cruelty to a dog is a Class A Misdemeanor and that person will be fined $1000, abuse to both cats and dogs is a class F Misdemeanor and the person will be fined $5000 (Animal Cruelty Laws).” This is a good point because the people abusing the animals should be punished for their own actions.
Animal cruelty can be either abuse or simply the lack to take care of an animal. Either way, if the animal is a pet, a farm animal or wildlife, they can suffer terribly. Don’t be sad anyone can take steps against cruelty (The Humane Society of The United States).
Animal abuse should be put to death for what the animals have to deal with during this dreadful period in time. After violent episodes, no matter if it is physical, emotional, or sexual, tension it builds to a breaking point. Then the abuser blames the victim and minimizes the violence, then woos the victim back in a honeymoon phase, and the victim hopes the…

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