Essay On Animal Abuse

Animal abuse is categorized in many different ways. Lots of humans don’t recognize it when it’s right under their nose. The signs that point to animal abuse are very obvious, yet many choose to ignore it. Constantly people are trying to rid the world of animal abuse, yet they themselves don’t speak up when they do see it happening.
Animal neglect is seen as an animal’s caretaker failing to provide food, water, shelter, or veterinary care needed for an animal to survive. Animal neglect has been seen as either unintentional or intentional, but whichever it is seen as, it still causes the animal to suffer. In some cases, animal neglect will end in death. “Animal control agencies nationwide report that animal neglect cases are the most common
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Life for circus animals in monotonous and a brutal routine of boredom, stress, and pain. Many circus animals are abused, don’t get adequate care for life, and show a distorted image of what wildlife really is. A circus animal’s life is mostly spent in chains or cages. They spend several months out of they year travelling in a box across the country with no climate control. A lot of the time, when a circus animal is let out of the box, they are trained by whipping, hitting, poking, and shocking with electrical prods. Circuses are not only a concern for the animals in them, but also for the people watching. Many animals in circuses carry diseases that can be transferred over to humans. They also will get lose in public and possibly hurt bystanders. Most circuses claim to support the conservation of wildlife, while they chain the animals up with a limit of about 5 feet. In the wild the animals would have miles of land to roam. The acts shown in circuses are not natural habits and the animals only do it because they are afraid of the consequences if they do not do as told. In recent news the most known circus ‘The Ringling Bros’ has decided to retire their elephants, unfortunately, they are being retired to a center that breeds elephants for circuses and rents them out to

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