Animal Cruelty And The Ethical Treatment Of Animals Essay example

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In 2008, a video was released by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) that showed severe animal cruelty at Mowmar Farms Hog Confinement, located just outside of Fairmont, Minnesota (Genoways). The video showed employees prodding hogs too crippled to stand with electric prods and beating hogs repeatedly on their backs with metal gate rods (Genoways). Adding to this, the video also revealed the method the workers used to euthanize underweight piglets: a technique called thumping (Genoways). Thumping involves workers taking the piglets by their hind legs and smashing their skulls against the concrete floor. Their bodies would then be put in large bins, where they would be left to die (Genoways). Several employees at Mowmar farms were interviewed, tried, and convicted of criminal livestock neglect, all thanks to this video (Genoways). This is just one of the many scenarios of animal cruelty occurring everyday in the United States. However, it has become harder and harder to prevent this. One serious problem that allows animal cruelty to be overlooked is the lack of legislation actually protecting animals. There are actually more laws protecting animal farms and meat producers. After the Mowmar farms incident, many industrial-scale meat producers realized that any worker could easily shoot videos that could get the companies into large amounts of legal trouble (Genoways). So, they began pushing for laws to protect them from this (Genoways). These producers have had…

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