Animal Cruelty And Animal Abuse Essay

1013 Words Feb 17th, 2016 5 Pages
Many people all over the world go to animal shelters or even shelters in the zoos, not knowing what the animals in there are there for. Some maybe in there for animal neglection from humans, other animals, or even animal testing. Many people think just because animals aren’t like them they can be treated differently. Well that’s not true, no matter the size or age of an animal these loving creatures don’t deserve some of the things there forced to be put through. Some don’t think that animals have emotions just like us humans, they get scared, sad and even mad. Humans get that way too, so animals deserve the same respect humans get. Downtown Dog Rescue shows that the percentage of animals being neglected for 2014 is 57%. Out of that 57% not many animals are able to make away out of their situation alive. In the year 2014 was said to have the highest rating of animal deaths and animals being neglected since 1988 (Downtown Dog Rescue).When people hear negelction they assume it’s only for animals that are house friendly animals. But they don’t think about the animals at a zoo or an aquarium being neglected as well. There kind of neglection maybe not being able to get the treatment that they may need or even being one of the animals that they test drugs or other remedies on. Still to this day there are still animals being tested with different things. Many girls may not know but some of the medicines there bodies need parts of it come from animals, or even the makeup products…

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