Essay about Animal Bans Should Not Be Banned

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Animal Slaughterhouses shouldn’t be allowed because it tortures animals, animals carry diseases, and it decreases the animal population. Even though some people believe that animal slaughterhouses are good because we need meat in our bodies to stay healthy, animal slaughterhouses shouldn’t be allowed because it tortures animals, factory farmers and animals carry diseases, and the animal population decreases. Animal slaughterhouses should be banned because it tortures animals. Animals are packed into spaces so tight that most can barely move. “Many have no access to the outdoors, spending their lives on open warehouse floors or housed in cages or pens.”Animals in factory farms suffer every day by getting beat by farmers and getting electrocuted with electric pongs. life in a slaughterhouse is one pain, frustration and misery. animals are tortured bad in animal slaughterhouses. There are no federal laws governing the conditions in which farmed animals are raised. The majority of farmed animal suffering is exempt from the state criminal anti-cruelty laws. while animals are being tortured, the state criminal anti-cruelty are failing to protect farmed animals.
The state criminal anti-cruelty laws are failing to protect animals. “ farmed animals are unprotected by most state criminal anti-cruelty laws and even omitted from the federal animal welfare Act. The only federal oversight of their treatment comes during transportation and slaughter. The 28 hour law requires…

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