Animal and Human Development Throughout the Ages Essay

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Modern human society owes its beginnings to the relationship that existed between our earliest ancestors and their connection with animals. Animals are credited with being alongside early hominids while they achieved three major behavioral changes. Shipman argues that toolmaking, language development, and domestication provides evidence that a connection existed between animals and our early ancestors (2011:15). Evidence for her hypothesis is staggering, and yet sometimes it includes a bit of guesswork. The best evidence one can witness for the validity of her hypothesis is in the modern era. In the United States alone, there are 69 million pet owners and in 2007 owners spent $41 billion
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Modern humans have looked the other way when it comes to animals we don’t share a close tie with. If modern humans do have an animal connection that is so historically and biologically inside of us, then why are we willingly choosing the extinction of every animal that we haven’t domesticated? If we truly do have an animal connection, I think modern humanity is slowing forgetting about it. However, in the future I trust that humanity will eventually realize the errors of its ways. For if animals go extinct, we will surely follow along side them.
Toolmaking has its humble beginnings in the action of pounding which is the same driving force for toolmaking (Davidson 2005: 796). The advent of stone tools revolutionized man forever. “Tools enabled our lineage to evolve-to change our behavior and ecological niche-without evolving physically” (Shipman 2011: 32). Now instead of waiting for evolution and natural selection to give us adaptive advantages we could make them ourselves. About 2.5 million years ago stone and bone tools alike “gave our ancestors access to new sources of food that were rich in protein and fats: nutrients not found in large amounts in many vegetable foods” (2011: 59). Essentially we went from herbivores to carnivore. This giant leap also increased our dependency on animals. Since meat became a primary food source we now had to pay

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