Animal Agriculture Should Increase Around The World Essay

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According to the Chairman of Food Science, Dr. George Borgstrom, in order to produce one pound of beef, 2,500 gallons of water are needed. Since, most people consume meat and meat by-products (dairy, cheese, and eggs), this statement by Dr. Borgstrom reveals that people are not educated about the major effects of animal husbandry. The government constantly suggest that humans should reduce water usage by taking shorter showers, checking faucets and pipes for leaks, and turning off the water after wetting a toothbrush; while ignoring animal agriculture as one of the leading causes of water reduction. Furthermore, animal suffering and human illness are two additional effects of producing livestock. Education concerning the negative aspects of animal agriculture should increase around the world in order for humans to realize the damage to the earth, animals, and humans alike.
Animal suffering, the most important effect of animal agriculture, involves the shipping of farm animals to slaughterhouses. Terrified and in poor health conditions upon arrival, the animals typically refuse to leave the trucks and must be pulled and/or poked with electrical prods to force them to move. Many people do not realize the animals have awareness of their own deaths; however, the animals’ reluctancy to exit the trucks proves they have a heightened sense of fear and perhaps do recognize what’s next. Also, while fully conscious, it is normal practice to cut off the testicles of male piglets, to…

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