Animal Abuse Should Be Broken Down Essay

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Introduction: A dog named Louis had been beaten, chained up, and set on fire by a man because his mother would not allow the usage of her car. Louis had suffered several injuries to his skin and has endured emotional issues. (¨Animal Cruelty Syndrome¨) Animal Abuse is when somebody physically or emotionally hurts an animal. This is a problem because animals are innocent and cannot prevent said acts that humans do to them. Animal Abuse is a problem in our world, that can also create problems in the abuser’s home. This can be helped by spreading awareness of neglect and cruelty and by not contributing into the problem. Definition/Proof: An act of intentionally causing deprivation of shelter, water, food, socialization, medical care or wound, torturing, mutilating or killing an animal, can be labeled as animal abuse. (Baby, and T.C. Kitty Cat) Animal abuse can also be broken down into two categories, cruelty and neglect. Cruelty to Animals can be detailed as introducing pain, suffering, or death to an animal, who are usually tamed. (¨Cruelty to Animals¨) Some examples of animal cruelty can be as followed: animal fighting, bestiality, physical harm or killing, or harming a pet in order for another’s silence or agreeance. (¨Animal Cruelty and Neglect¨) On the contrary, neglect to animals can include not giving the proper shelter, water, food, or care for an animal. Animal Abuse can also be split up into two different categories; Passive and Active Cruelty. Passive Cruelty is…

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