Animal Abuse At Butchers : Human Abuse Essay

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Animal Abuse at Butchers On Facebook there is a picture of a dog who was so abused his guts were in his intestines and were hanging out his butt. (Facebook) It was awful don’t you feel terrible for him. He must have been in so much pain he was still alive and conscious. Animal cruelty is terrible it’s not right to abuse anyone or anything. Animals feel pain like humans they bleed like humans they breath and live like humans and they can love and trust like humans. Don’t abuse them. The way cattle are processed is inhuman. Sure they can be food but don’t torture them before they die that’s just wrong. Some teens have reported that they have done things like put firecrackers in a cat’s butt and watch the cat blow up just for fun. Animal abuse doesn’t get nearly the attention that human abuse does. Football star Michael Vick was found to have a dog fighting ring in his home. Not only was he fighting the dogs but some dogs were hung, drowned, shot and electrocuted. He only received a jail sentence of 23 months. Amazingly only 23 months in jail for torturing and murdering up to 66 dogs, but if he even tortured one human he might have gotten life in prison. Doesn’t seem quite fair, does it?(ABC News) Puppy Mills are another place where there is severe animal abuse. Another tragedy we have today. The poor little puppies are crammed into cages and never allowed out to play. You have to feel totally horrible for those puppies who don’t get enough light,…

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