Essay about Angry Men : Why So Serious?

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12 Angry Men: Why So Serious?
In 1957 the critically acclaimed film 12 Angry Men was released; the film is based on Reginald Rose’s screenplay of the same name. Although the film had a disappointing box office opening, today 12 Angry Men is considered a classic because of the complicated and absorbing issues it deals with. The twelve angry men cleverly alluded to in the title are in fact the jury of a court case involving violence, deceit, and death. The jury must decide the fate of a young Hispanic man accused of violently stabbing and killing his father. The majority of the jury do not seem to grip the graveness of a guilty verdict and quickly cast their votes—which would ultimately cause the eighteen-year-old to be executed by the state. The only juror that understands the direness of the situation is the protagonist, Juror 8; thus, through sound judgment and critical thinking, he convinces the other members of the jury that there is reasonable doubt surrounding the case. However, other jurors (namely Juror 3, 7, and 10) try to justify their guilty vote but ultimately fall victim to using fallacies to support their claims. While the characters are guilty of assuming the worse of the defendant, several fallacies are notable including, hasty and sweeping generalizations, argument ad hominem, and ad misericordiam. First of all, the most common fallacy throughout the film is when the characters make hasty generalizations. A hasty generalization is a conclusion made based on…

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