Angels And Heavenly Angels

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Heavenly angels have always intrigued humanity; nonetheless, little is known about them. However, there is one thing about which we can be certain concerning angels; God has revealed to us exactly what He wants us to know about His heavenly messengers.
God created humanity perfect and sinless (Gen. 1:31); nonetheless, in time man sinned and became separated from God. (Gen. 3:14-19) But even in that early morning of time there is an indication that God already had a plan of salvation in mind for humanity. (Gen. 3:15)
God also created the angels; however, He did not provide a plan of salvation for them. When some of the angels in heaven sinned, God cast them out of heaven. (II Peter 2:4; Hebrews 2:16; Jude 6)
Even though angels are
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(John 18:10-112) And He further stated that if He needed someone to fight for Him, He could ask the Father and the Father would send 72,000 angels immediately. (Matt. 26:53-54) I also read in the Bible that there are ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands and thousands of angels (Rev. 5:11). Although, the number of angels is one of God’s secrets; there’s a crowd of them.
The term “guardian angel” does not appear in the Bible; however, there are some verses which teach that God, on occasions, has used angels to guard His children. (Psalms 34:7; Psalms 91:11) When Jesus talked about some little children, He referred to “Their angels” (Matt. 18:10). Now, it’s altogether possible that He was referring to a group of angels in heaven rather than each person having an angel assigned to them. However, the Bible teaches that God protects His children and we do know that in the past He employed angels to assist Him.
During the years before the completion of the written Word, angels delivered messages (Acts 27:23-24). On other occasions, they helped people physically (Acts 12:7-11). But, in a more general sense, the angels ministered to the heirs of salvation (Christians). (Hebrews
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Peter wrote: “It was revealed [To the Angels] that not to themselves, but to us, they ministered the things which are now reported to you by those who have preached the gospel to you in the Holy Spirit sent from Heaven; which things the angels desire to look into.” (I Peter 1: 12)
Well, the angels, who were interested in the gospel, certainly were not interested in it for themselves, for they have never sinned. And, they were not thinking of the fallen angels, because there are no benefits there for them. Yet, they desired to look into these things and that tells us that the angels love us and are concerned about our salvation. Now, what does that say about us if we have little or no regard for our fellow men and women. Our common blood ought to make us take the deepest interest in the souls of our fellows.
The angels are wonderful being and they love humanity. They are not jealous because God loves us and neither do they criticize us on account of our faults. However, they may sometimes question our strange behavior. At the Lord’s tomb, the angels were full of joy because it was empty. Then, when two of the angels found Mary Magdalene crying and they didn’t understand, they said to her, “Woman, why do you weep?” (John 20:

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