Analysis Of Angela's Ashes By Frank Mccourt

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Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt tells the story of the young Frank McCourt and his numerous siblings who live in Limerick, Ireland where most of the setting takes place. Frank is the oldest of six siblings, though not all of them survived. The entire story is written from Frank’s point of view and so the reader is able to see his entire youth and teenage years. His father, Malachy, was never a responsible father or husband and almost always drank away his wages which left his family with no dinner most nights. Also after drinking away the money, he comes home in the early morning hours, wakes up Frank and his brother Malachy who are then forced to promise to die for Ireland. His father also did not hold a job very well, the longest lasting about three or four weeks. …show more content…
Vincent de Paul Society and beg for the necessities. She was always angry with her husband, but she never did leave him. Frank did his best to help take care of his brothers and even resorted to stealing from the rich when they had nothing to eat but fried bread. When Frank and his eldest brother Malachy, named after his father, were old enough, they were sent down the street where the coal was made to gather the scraps from the street so that there would be a fire to boil tea. Most nights in the McCourt family they had fried bread and tea for breakfast and dinner. Eventually World War II started and Frank’s father volunteered to go work in a munitions factory in England and send over the wages. When his father left he sent one pay check home and that was it until Angela fell

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