Angela Nyoni's Article: The Picture Of Africa

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The Picture of Africa

Africa has long been described as a ‘dark’ continent by Europeans. The common idea is that it was, and still is an undeveloped continent. Is this really true? Christianity, slavery and unjust power is the legacy of one of the world’s largest continents. History did not show mercy to the African people. Nor did Europe or the rest of the world. Why is it that the blood was shed where peace and culture prevailed?

Angela Thompsell, writer of the article “Why was Africa called the dark continent” (ThoughtCo. September, 2017) states that the saying “Africa the dark continent” was only a rooted myth. During the late 1800s and 1900s Europeans believed that the continent had a somewhat dark spirit and that the Africans were closer to being barbaric rather than civilized human beings. Seemingly the colonists believed they were
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This particular work is called the three C’s in Philani A Nyoni’s article “What Africa had before colonisation” (March 2015). The three C’s stands for Commerce, Civilization and Christianity. “They baptised us in the name of foreign gods and saints” writes Nyoni. Nyoni also states that the colonisation which seemed hopeful in the eyes of the Europeans was in the fact the contrary. The truth was that the colonisation reshaped the everyday life for the Africans. Economically, socially, philosophically and politically. The African culture seemed obliterated and even to this day the impact of the colonisation can be distinguished. Since the system was built by colonists for colonists the Africans did not connect to their ancestry and heritage. The white man built a society and assumed the black man wanted to serve as a second class citizen. In the article Nyoni expressed his dissatisfaction with how the history played its part. “ I too often hear the black man speak ill of the fellow black man’s abilities, this black man is an enemy of himself, in denial of his ancestry and

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