Essay about Angela Carter - The bloody Chamber

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How does Carter present the experience of the girl in The Bloody Chamber?

Carter has directed the narrative mostly, although not completely, from the older woman in the text, speaking back on the past (therefore past tense) as a first person narrative. There is interjections of dialogue throughout the text, although it is mostly constructed as a written text, as if the older women is writing in a diary, but has interjections of dialogue, possibly showing her memory traveling back and replaying moments. This is shown via the narrator speaking as if she remembers them, and then refers to them, such as: ‘And, ah! His castle’, ‘And surrounded by so many mirrors!’ These interjections break up the text, and give it more a feeling of an
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There are also incidences of an ancestral voice appearing, such as when the protagonist discovers the torture chamber, ‘One false step, oh, m poor, dear girl, next in the fated sisterhood of his wives; one false step and into the abyss of the dark you stumbled’ and other mentions of the unending cycle of marriage and execution his wives go through. The tense also changes within the story, Carter using present tense when the girl is wondering what to do with her time, ‘what shall I do, now?’ and future in a paragraph towards the end of The Bloody Chamber, ‘The bell in the gatehouse would jangle. The porter’s drowsy son would push back the patchwork quilt, yawning, pull the shirt over his head...’, the latter quote emphasising the inevitability of his early return, discovery and later her execution, since the character knows the future events of the cycle through seeing the corpses of his past wives.

Usually Carter uses dialogue marker to show speech, such as in the protagonist’s conversation to Jean-Yves. Others they are not used, such as in the protagonists conversation with her mother. Although the situations in which speech marks are used seem random, it

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